Coastal Fishermen’s Astonishing Discovery: Mexico Reveals Mysterious Giant Creature Weighing 250 Tons and Measuring 40 Meters

Imagine, on a beautiful day, you have the opportunity to wake up to see the sunrise on the sea. I was leisurely walking on the sand and accidentally came across these sea monsters. Surely someone will have to tell themselves not to go to the sea again.

1. The sea monster washed up on the coast of Australia

In February 2017, the online community emerged because of an image of a mysterious creature washed up on the shores of Fremantle, western Australia.

Những sinh vật bí ẩn to như quái vật thời tiền sử dạt vào bờ biển - Ảnh 1.

Strange creatures drift into the sea controversial.

This animal has a fish-like appearance, slimy skin, quite large size, and the body and belly are all gray. It was in a state of decomposition, the sides had chunks of slimy flesh showing the injured body, part of the flesh had drifted out. Some people believe that this is a giant stingray, a species of stingray with a large size, long tail. Most likely, the fish’s tail was cut off by shellfish or reefs. But in the end, no one could give the exact answer and the origin and name of this sea monster.

2. Giant creature washed ashore Philippines

People living on an island in the Dinagat archipelago (Philippines) were also shocked when they discovered a white furry animal washed ashore. The animal is about 4.5m long, the body is full of blood, people cannot recognize it.

Những sinh vật bí ẩn to như quái vật thời tiền sử dạt vào bờ biển - Ảnh 2.

Some even said it was a “monster” like in a sci-fi movie, but Philippine officials said that based on skin samples found near the shore, it was most likely a sea cow.

3. Indonesia also has “monsters”

On May 9, 2017, a 37-year-old local fisherman named Asrul Tuanakota accidentally discovered a “monster” the size of a shipping container on the beach.

Những sinh vật bí ẩn to như quái vật thời tiền sử dạt vào bờ biển - Ảnh 3.

Close-up of the giant creature.

The original body length of this giant sea creature was about 15m. With its large body, this sea monster has surprised local residents and researchers.

Những sinh vật bí ẩn to như quái vật thời tiền sử dạt vào bờ biển - Ảnh 4.

Fishermen were shocked when they saw the body of this creature.

At first, many people thought that this was just the wreck of a shipwreck and stuck. However, according to the Jakarta Globe, through investigation and autopsy, experts make the conjecture that this is the remains of a giant squid that died at least 3 days earlier. Although the “identity” of the sea monster has been determined, however, as to the cause of death, no one can be sure whether it died naturally or was attacked by another species of larger size. .

4. Monsters on the British Coast

Last March, people near Hartland Quay, County Devon, southwest England were shocked because a giant 9m long animal appeared out of nowhere on the beach.

Giant creature with a body as long as a double-decker bus, a long mouth and sharp teeth. It died and was brought ashore by the tide and stuck in the rocks.

Những sinh vật bí ẩn to như quái vật thời tiền sử dạt vào bờ biển - Ảnh 6.

In fact, this animal has been identified as a giant baleen whale. An adult baleen whale can grow up to 27m long and weigh 120 tons.1

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