Chris Hemsworth Admits He’s a Massive Ed Sheeran Fan After Attending Three Concerts (Exclusive)

Even Chris Hemsworth fanboys over some celebs. The action superstar is opening up about his unabashed love for Ed Sheeran after seeing him in concert three times in a matter of months.

Hemsworth walked the carpet at the premiere of his new action epic, Extraction 2, held at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City on Monday, and he opened up to ET’s Rachel Smith about having gone to see the “Bad Habits” singer live in concert in New Jersey over the weekend.

“I was gonna blame it on my kids and say my kids wanted me to come, but they’re not even here,” Hemsworth said with a laugh.

The handsome star took to Instagram over the weekend to share some snapshots from Sheeran’s concert at MetLife Stadium, where he was joined by Matt Damon and Gordon Ramsay.

“I’m a fan. I saw him twice back home, ’cause he played in Australia, and then we flew into New York yesterday. I’d like to say it was for this premiere, but it was for Ed Sheeran,” Hemsworth admitted, adding that, at this point, he feels he should be “president” of the singer’s fan club.

That being said, he was also exceedingly excited for fans to get the chance to see Extraction 2 — a sequel to his 2020 action film in which he stars as a Tyler Rake, a black market mercenary with a sense of honor.

This time around, the film ups the ante even higher than before with its white-knuckle action sequences, and Hemsworth praised director Sam Hargrave’s skillful direction and filmmaking choices for making the project unlike most other action fare — even if the intensity of the project, at first, gave him pause.

“You know, I had both the enthusiasm and the excitement on one side of the brain and the fear and the hesitation on the other,” Hemsworth admitted. “But I gotta say, being on the top of a train moving 50 miles per hour with a helicopter flying backwards about 20 feet in front of me was pretty intimidating.”

“But it gives the film a visceral energy and a spontaneity and an authenticity that I don’t think you’d get if you tried to do that on a greenscreen,” he added. “Like 95 percent of what you see on the screen, as mind-blowing and action-packed as it is, is within the frame, shot on the day, all in camera… which is what sets this film apart from a lot of action films you’re gonna see.”


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