Ana de Armas triumphs with a look featuring a denim jacket: this is how she has reinterpreted the style of Friends.

Since Ana de Armas played the role of Marilyn Monroe in Blonde , her professional career has been going up like foam. And the Oscar nomination – this is the dress she wore on the red carpet – has not been the ceiling, the actress promises to continue sweeping Hollywood and every public appearance she makes is a very good proof of this. She sweeps wherever she goes and her daily looks play an important role.

moda: El look de Ana de Armas inspirado en Friends que puedes comprar en el  low cost | Mujer Hoy

And the latest example of this success is his debut ‘Saturday Night Live’, an appearance that has gone viral thanks to a monologue that has not been without controversy. In it, Ana de Armas declared that she too had learned English by watching Friends and now we understand everything. Her latest look has clear references to this iconic series. And we want to copy it!

The interpreter of No time to die started her appearance speaking in Spanish and then went to English and stated: “I was born in Cuba and came to the United States when I was 26 years old. And I learned English the way everyone who comes to this country does: by watching Friends . Who would have thought that the best English tutor would be Chandler Bing?

Ana de Armas nos ha conquistado a todas con este vestido blazer de Louis  Vuitton

Some statements that aroused the laughter of those present, but also the criticism of Internet users, who do not understand that the actress has not remembered her time in Spain. Be that as it may, it is a public appearance that has reached thousands of views and has not left anyone indifferent.

After that, Ana de Armas went out to dinner at a restaurant in New York and was photographed at the doors of the premises, where several of her fans were waiting for her, whom she attended very kindly. The actress stopped to take photos and sign autographs and it was there that we signed her with a most interesting look.

Ana de Armas with a sequin dress look in New York. / GTRES

If we had to think about which are the most iconic garments from Friends , those essentials that we have seen on several occasions in the mythical episodes of this series that has a good following of fans, among them the denim jacket would be sure.

Denim garments are a must have in this production and both the male and female characters have on occasion worn a jacket made of this fabric. And it seems that Ana de Armas has been delighted with these influencers and she has covered this garment with a great look for that dinner that we loved.

It is an outfit to which she added a sequined dress and metallic heeled sandals. Two garments with which she brought out the most elegant version of this 1990s garment that is so trendy today and with which she demonstrated that this mid-season jacket is also suitable for more dressed-up looks.

And it’s a very easy formula to copy! In Mango we have found a sequined dress that hits the spot, a pale pink strappy design that costs 39.99 euros. The jacket is almost identical in Zara and you can buy it for 49.95 euros. Finally, the sandals, we leave you one of the most comfortable versions we have found: this design with a comfortable heel and platform from Mim Shoes that costs 85 euros.

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